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Scott Heylman Pool and Spa offers all necessary cleaning services to keep any pool, spa, or fountain at its best. From a one time algea clean-up to a twice weekly full service, rest assured there is a customized cleaning schedule to fit your needs. Schedule a consultation to discuss your specific pool requirements for no charge.  Click on an image to send Scott an email regarding any questions or to schedule a meeting.

Pool Cleaning


Scott Heylman Pool and Spa services both residential and commercial pools. Residential pools are serviced either once or twice a week whereas commercial pools are serviced twice or three times a week depending on pool use. The pool cleaning service includes weekly cleaning as well as all regular chemicals. Filter cleaning and repairs to equipment are additional charges for pools. We offer free quotes for pools, please call to recieve a free quote.

Spa Cleaning

Scott Heylman Pool and Spa services both residential and commercial spas. Residential spas are serviced once a week while commercial spas are serviced 1-3 times a week depending on use. Spa cleaning service includes normal cleaning and all regular chemicals. Spa water also needs to be changed three times a year and is an additional charge. We offer free quotes for spas, please call to recieve a free quote.

Fountain Cleaning


Full service fountain cleaning is also available with Scott Heylman Pool and Spa. The fountain cleaning service is similar to the pool and spa service with all chemicals being included in the monthly cost.  Fountain cleaning schedules can be adjusted to your request with an every other week cleaning service offered for most fountains.  Please call for a free qoute for your fountain cleaning needs.


Filter Cleaning
We provide full service filter cleaning for all types of filters.  We also repair and install pool, spa, and fountain filters.  Diatomaceous earth or D.E. filters are completely broken done upon cleaning ensuring the cleanest possible filter grids.  D.E. filters require cleaning 1-2 times a year while cartidge filters require 2-3 cleanings per year.  Please call for filter cleaning prices or if you have any questions regarding filters.  We also offer a filter only cleaning service where we contact you when your filter may need to be cleaned and provide the cleaning service.
Salt Cell Cleaning


Salt Cells generate calcium buildup that can eventually cause your salt system to stop producing chlorine. It is recommended that your salt cell be cleaned 3-4 times per year.  We use a combination of muratic acid and water to breakdown the buildup on the salt cell.  For more information or a free quote please call. Similar to the filter cleaning service we offer a service in which you will be contacted when your salt cell may need another cleaning and provide the cleaning service.

Spa Drain and Clean 


For most spas it is recommended the water be changed 3-4 times per year.  Scott Heylman Pool and Spa offers a drain and clean service that includes draining and refilling the spa water, providing start up chemicals, and cleaning the spa filter. Please call for more information or a quote. We offer yearly drain and clean schedules in which you will be contacted when your spa is due for another drain and clean.

Algae Clean Up 


We offer a "green to clean" algae clean up service.  This service includes all filter cleanings and chemicals. The algae clean up service takes multiple steps including brushing, balancing chemicals, and cleaning the filter.  All of this is provided in the algae clean up service.  Call us today and let us clean your green pool or spa.

Chemical Only 
The chemical only service is available for pools, spas, and fountains. The chemical only service includes a once weekly chemical testing and all the chemicals neccessary.  This service is for customers looking to pay a lower monthly payment while doing the physical cleaning themselves. Call today for a chemical service quote.
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