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Preventative maintenance for swimming pools and spas helps reduce damage and costly repairs to all the pool equipment. Filters are essentially the backbone of pools and spas.  For the pool system to run smoothly and the water to remain clean, the filter must be kept in good working order. This requires regular pool filter cleaning in conjunction with a weekly pool maintenance program.

Pool filter cleaning should be done as often as needed. The minimum is every three months for cartridge filters and every six months for D.E. filters.  The average pool filter cleaning usually takes about one to two hours to complete. It may take longer if other major problems are discovered during the pool filter cleaning process. Most pool filter cleanings are priced at about $85, depending on the size, type, and manufacturer. We will thoroughly inspect the filtration system during the pool filter cleaning and let customers know if parts such as gaskets, filter grids, manifolds, or filter cartridges that are damaged need to be replaced.

We also offer a free estimate to repair or replace broken filter parts. An estimate for a new pool filter to be installed can be given as well. We understand the importance of enjoying your swimming pool. Call or email us today to schedule a pool filter cleaning.

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