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Bill Payment

Monthly Billing

Monthly invoices are either mailed or emailed within the first week of the month for which the invoice is for. If they are hand delievered they are delivered on the first service day of the month for which the invoice is for.


Payments are due by the last day of the month. The monthly billing is based on a four week month leaving four weeks of leave per year. The weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas accounts are not serviced. Invoices may be paid in advance if prefered.  


If you have any questions regarding your invoice please contact

Preferred Payment Methods

I currently accept/prefer:

  • Cash 

  • Check

  • Venmo

  • Zelle 

  • Apple Pay

  • Any other free money transfer platforms


Under certain circumstances I can accept credit cards or PayPal  if previously listed payment methods are not possible. The associated credit card and PayPal fees will be passed on to the customer.

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